GCCA Executive 2023

             Dear Members,

             I would like to thank the previous Executive for their hard work over the past year.

             Because of all the volunteer hours we put into the club, we were able to save over

             $20,000 in salaries. 

             This new Executive needs to continue working as a TEAM, and will need support from

             ALL members moving forward when we have events.

             Please come to the club to support the event & our club.

             We would like to see you, our members, supporting the club more and are asking

             what types of events you would like to see (i.e. movie afternoons,

             kaffeeklatsches, exercise classes, dance lessons, etc.)   

             Let us know and we will try to implement some of your suggestions.



The current GCCA executive is as follows:

           President: Mel Schmidt             

Past President : Hans (Utz) Kranz

Vice President: Frank Friesacher

Treasurer: Alesha Arcand

Assistant Treasurer: Carol Lotzgeselle

Secretary: Ralph Osterwoldt

Public Relations: Jessica Stevenson 

Building Director: Heiko Lotzgeselle

Grounds Director: Sean Ell

Lake Director: Clarence Ell

Director-at -Large: Martin Roch